all my heart aches are free all my heart aches are free Dad Dad - Detail Ann '81 Suzuki '81 Suzuki - Detail '81 Suzuki - Detail Satisfaction - Detail All I want is to love you. All I want is to love you. - Detail Lifeblood - Detail

a measured, controlled response 8 x 11 2014 No one can say we didnt do it the hard way 26 x 22 2014 thought I knew what you wanted 8 3/8 x 8 3/4 2013 I wanted to see how you were doing 22 x 20 2013 almost fucked this up 9 x 12 2013 Everything has it's place Lowball Thickheaded and strong We are all doomed Got to be 'bout time This is not for me each year, for my daughter That bitch left 10 years ago I learn most days All original unmolested bigger than eighty some times a day I just didn't see him In conclusion, keeping them for myself when you're right Best Not My ass pregnant pause Dead Or close to it and its not even June I just know we would get along famously just to know that you are near This is entirely unreadable I was so scared I always do In it to win it I never got a chance to thank you September The first week Move it or loose it With all my heart Preventative Maintenance Fuckingslavelabor Fill in the gaps