We are constantly bombarded by societal ideals of how we should be perceived. I have come to understand through tradition, the media, my peers, and my family, that I must maintain a rough-hewn, stoic fa├žade to overcompensate for even the most basic of human feelings. Swelling emotions are best redirected toward ritualistic tinkering of objects and environments, utilizing these behaviors as a substitute for verbal and physical communication. These actions are based on instinct, and allow me a loophole in which to care for those around me that I love.

The resulting physical manifestations of these actions become mile markers. Each token functions as a personal vehicle, and carries reminiscence, emotional exploration and identity. Like a pedigree, these attributes can be traced and recorded, allowing a view of each totemic relationship. It is with these markers that I create allegories of these actions through investigation, documentation, and assembly. Although my fascination lies in mechanics, this method of transference and discovery can be applied to any place or thing of personal value.